Every decision you make is a choice the between the (i) or the (a) –  F(i)t or F(a)t.

Founder: AJ Tucker

AJ served 4 years in the US Army, and is a Crossfit Level-1 instructor, Certified Fitness Trainer thru The International Sports Science Association and also has a certification in Sports Performance Nutrition. He played college football at Midwestern State and Henderson State. He trains at Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a Black Belt.

While serving as an Army, Combat Medic in the 1st Cavalry division in Iraq, Sgt. A.J. Tucker studied online to become a certified fitness trainer. In Baghdad, Mr. Tucker worked out with other soldiers in a makeshift gym inside a tent and handed out exercise plans. This helped his time go by just a little faster while being away from his family and friends while serving his country overseas.

Since his return in August of 2005, Mr. Tucker has been motivating people all over the Dallas/Ft.Worth area to shape up.

AJ founded iChoosefit in 2011. He broke up the program into two parts: fitness, and self defense. In 2016 AJ integrated the boot camp portion of his business into Camp Gladiator, the fastest growing outdoor fitness program in America. There are over 400 locations in the DFW area. Go here to see where AJ teaches.

For questions view our frequently asked questions  iChoosefit’s FAQ

To get more information on becoming an iChoosefit Affiliate contact AJ directly at 817-774-6552


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