Back to School!!

45:00 max reps

5 rounds
40 m sprint
80 m jog
5 pull ups

5 rounds
40 m sprint
60 m jog
25 split jump w/woodchopper

5 rounds
10 bentover row
5 handstand push ups (15 pike push ups)

5 rounds
20 calve raises
20 single leg bounds

Combat Conditioning

8:00 dynamic warm up and mobility

:30 push up max (record reps)
:30 rest
:30 squats max (record reps)
:30 rest
Repeat the two movements but beat ypur reps
:30 rest
Mission: do as fast as you can
Do highest # of push ups and squats
600 m run
Do highest # of push ups and squats
1:00 rest

2 rounds
3:00 boxing
25 curl w/arnold press
25 sumo squats
25 bananas
2 sets 80 m sprint :30 rest in between
1:00 rest

Self defense conditioning
4:00 wrist release + 20 m.shuttle

Strength Day 19 Aug 15

4 sets (warm up)
8 squats bar only
16 bicycles
32 skaters

4 sets
8 squats (moderate weight)
16 tricycles
32 dynamic lunges

4 * 10 bicep curls + jelly rolls

4 * 12 jumping pull ups + supermans

4 * 12 pike push ups/sea turtles/arnold press

KK’s Sassy Sixty


Sassy Sixty Midlo Version

800 m run
60 prisoner squats
800 m run
60 prisoner squats

60 push press
30 dips
60 lumberjacks
30 close arm dips

60 step ups
30 tricycles
60 box jumps
30 tricycles

60 2-count mountain climbers
30 tricep push downs
60 crossover mountain
30 tricep push downs

60 count
– plank
– side plank
– side plank
– six inches

Strength Day/Lean Muscle

2 build up sets + 3 sets max weight 8-20 reps

– Bench press
– jackknife sit ups (unbroken)
– D.B. Bench
– tricycles
– overhead tricep extensions
– close arm push ups
– db tricep extensions
– 250 m row sprint
– weighted glute raise

If done right you will not finished the entire workout

No Running!!!

4 stations 7:00 each

1. Sand bags
15 bentover rows
15 push ups
30 back attacks

2. Med balls
30 med ball toss each
30 count med ball plank
30 coubt sqiat hold

3. Db
80 m farmer carry + 15 curls
80 m farmer carry + 15 wide arm curls

4. Db
40 m 1-arm overhead lunge +15 jump squats


Self Defense For Men/ Teenaged Males

Teenager/ Men’s Self Defense

The purpose of the Men’s self defense for teenagers is to provide information that will help them with the following: how men are attacked, date-rape, categories of rape, possible situations, sexual abuse, and basic concepts of self defense for men.

How men are attacked: While women are normally controlled and contained in a self defense situation, men are posed with different types of attacks. They are also put in situation where they may have to provide self defense for others. This class is customized for situations young men may face from ages 14-25.

Date-Rape: We cover the topic of date-rape and its scope. Most young men do not understand the layers of consequences from one night of poor decisions, and how it can affect the life of all parties involved. We go into detail the topic of parties and that rape is more than just controlling a girl and forcing her. If a girl is under the influence and she decides the next morning that she does not remember, then the young man will have a long-term charge on his record for either sexual assault, statutory rape (depending on age), and sex offender.

Possible Situations: We continue to focus on the topic of date-rape but from a different point of view. What should you do if you are at a gathering and you see a girl who is clearly not in her right state-of-mind and a group of boys takes her into a room?

Sexual Abuse: One of the most underreported crimes in America is sexual assaults on males. Men are normally embarrassed to report if he is sexually assaulted. 1 in 6 men are sexually abused before they are 18, and this number is underreported. This parts touches on the topic and urges the young men if they are sexually abused, they need to help stop the one that is doing them harm or stop his from doing harm to others.

Basics Concepts of Self Defense for Men: I will show self defense techniques that are designed for diffusing a situation without causing injury to the attacker. This is important because men are attacked differently than women, and if he strikes and injures a man unnecessarily then there are long term legal consequences. At this point I normally share my story how I was in and out of court for over four years because of the damages of one punch I threw when I was 13. We also cover the topic of using deadly force if his life is in danger. I will show them techniques on the best practices if their lives are dangers and they have to maim or disable their attackers to escape.

The seminar ends with a Q&A, and feedback assessment on ways that I can improve the course, and cover more topics to meet their expectations.


Midlo iChoosefit Conditioning

800 m run

40 m overhead lunge with plate

40 jackknife sit ups

40 2-count mountain climbers

800 m run

40 barbell thrusters

40 tricep push downs

40 knee-to-elbow

800 m run

40 swiss ball pike

40 hr push ups

40 split jumps