12 Hour Self Defense Course

12 hour course

Alvarez Jiu Jitsu
1118 W. Harris Road
Arlington, Texas 76001

Times: three 4-hour sessions
Arpil 24th 2:00 – 6:00 pm
May 1st 2:00 – 6:00 pm
May 8th 2:00 – 6:00 pm

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CG grand opening

My Grand Opening is on the 18th but I am doing a free trial week on April the 4th! Whether you have Facebook or not RSVP Here. Don’t forget to share with friends!

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Mansfield PM grand opening – 5:50 pm or 7:00 pm

Mansfield/Arlington AM grand opening – 4:45 am

Midlothian AM grand opening – 5:00 am or 6:10 am


Open Gym

Open gym today at Midlothian, make sure you have a buddy. Start out with our basic warm up and do any additional stretches you feel the need to do. Posted below are a series of five to ten minute mini workouts focusing on different aspects of fitness. It could be a strength workout that focuses on the muscle group it can be a full body workout, or a conditioning workout.

Back and biceps. Do 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps of lat pulldowns with a set of 30 mountain climbers in between.

Legs. Do a set of lunges the length of the building with 15 25 35 or 45 pound dumbbells. Start at the door and runs all the way across the building. Each time you stop to take a rest do 5 bodyweight squats.

Chest and triceps. Do 4 sets of 8 to 12 on the bench press with 30 bicycles between each set.

Conditioning. Do 3 rounds of a 500 meter sprint Plus 20 hand release pushups + 30 box jumps in the shortest amount of time possible.

Conditioning. Find a buddy and go to the sleds. One person would do a heavy lap on the sled while the other person is waiting he or she does a combination of 30 high knees and 15 jumping jacks.

Triceps and biceps. Do a super set of four rounds. You will need to use the timer on your phone for this. Go to the cables and take a set of dumbbells. 15 – 20 pound for girls and 2540 pounds for guys. One person would do the tricep cable push down for 30 seconds while there buddy does the bicep curls. At 35 seconds you automatically switch. Each seat you should be going into muscle failure.

Legs and conditioning. 3 sets of 15 on the squat machine. The Buddy will hold the squat position while he or she waits for the other to finish to 15 reps and then switches.

Abs. 100 butterfly sit ups as fast as possible. 4:00 time limit.

Abs. Hold plank for 1:00 for 3 sets

Abs. Hold side plank for :30 for 3 sets

Mandatory station: hold superman for :30 for 3 sets

Hamstrings. 3 sets of ghd back extension while buddy holds glute bridge

Condotioning. 5:00 max distance on assualt bike

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Feb 22nd iChoosefit

Hey team, welcome to the last round of iChoosefit! Starting February 22nd I will be holding camp for 6 more weeks and then I will be integrating my company into campgladiator. I am really excited about this move, because I will be able to focus more on Fitness, and you will have access to more trainers, tools and technology. Some of you have expressed concern, but you will be getting the same style and the same Ole AJ! I still have full autonomy on how I make my workouts. I have seen a bunch of you this week joining me for workouts and so far everyone has enjoyed it.

I am currently in my internship for campgladiator. It normally takes person about 5 – 8 weeks to complete this, but I plan on doing it in 3 weeks. The morning schedule will be the same but there will be changes to the PM schedule. We will not be holding classes at Roberta Tipps for the next 6 weeks, but you will have access to all Camp Gladiator locations. So you will have access to classes on Monday and Wednesday nights. The iChoosefit schedule will be as follows

Athletic Enhancement
615 7th Street
Midlothian Texas
M,W,F @ 5 am

Walnut Ridge Baptist Church
1201 S. 360
Mansfield Texas 760633
T,Th @ 5 am and 7 pm and Saturday at 7 am

There will be no 7 pm Roberta Tipps or Gym Virtue in Midlothian, but there are locations all over the metroplex. Once I complete my internship I will reinstall the PM classes at Roberta Tipps. You have access to any location, but here is the link to recommended locations and times.

Be ready for measurements all week long, and don’t forget to bring a buddy!!

Committed to your fitness,

AJ Tucker

Big iChoosefit Announcement

Big announcemnt,

First off I want to say thank you for waking up early or coming out after a long day work and pursuing your goals. If it weren’t for you, I would not be able to pursue my passion; which is helping others achieve their goals. I totally enjoy making workouts and amping people up. I have been waking up everyday at 330 am (5 on weekends) since 2005. And 4 am for 4 years in the Army!

I have built my reputation on going above and beyond to make sure people are held accountable. Whether it be grocery tours, phone calls, or popping up at their jobs;) The last 4 years I have found it increasingly more difficult to do that. After I teach I spend that same time on website, merchandise, recruiting trainers, strategy and other things that go into running a business. I won’t bore you with all of the details but wanted to express what is going into my decision.

I am always seeking ways to improve myself and create new opportunities for my clients to get results.

Next week we are in the off week of iChoosefit and we start back up February 22nd. The next 6 week session marks the last six weeks of iChoosefit as a Bootcamp. The message of iChoosefit will live on. I will continue to send newsletters, write workouts for people to follow but on April 18th I will be officially opening my first Camp Gladiator Location. If you have not heard of Camp Gladiator it is an outdoor fitness company that started in 2008 and now has 12,000 campers in the DFW area.

How does this affect you? It really doesnt. I still plan on working the same locations at the same times, and you will be getting the same AJ. Actually you will be getting a ‘Putting Everything On The Line and Must Succeed’ AJ. You will also have access to all CG locations, this mean 50 locations in Mansfield alone and 500 across DFW. So if you work in Dallas and not able to make it out, you can hit a Dallas location after you get off of work. And for those of you who have to struggle out to Midlothian from Arlington or Burleson you will have access to other monday-wednesday locations in Mansfield or even Burleson.

I wanted to give you total transparency to what I am doing. I am super excited about this opportunity,and I am excited about all of the opportunities the campers will have access to.

The benefits for me is that I will have about 200 leaders to brainstorm with and I have 3 direct mentors who will be holding me accountable, and from our meetings I have a feeling that they will be holding me to an even higher standard than the other interns. I’m very competitive so I definitely want exceed expectations.

Tomorrow I start a rigorous, 4-week internship/audition. I have negotiated that my iChoosefit FAM have access to all locations so you guys have no off weeks, but also over the next 2 months I wanted to give you a chance to check out some of the alternate locations. The Regional directors agreed.

If you check in on the gladiator app or website you will see all of the the locations. But I don’t want you to do that. If you click on the link I have compiled a list of some of their more experienced trainers. The Mansfield locations are highlighted, but you will see other cities of the top trainers.


So next week I will only be teaching m,w at Midlothian. But if you just show up and let them know that a friend sent you, and bring a mat and dumbbells. (10-20 lbs for women and 15-30 lbs for men).
Feb 22nd make sure you come out to the last 6 weeks of live iChoosefit workouts in History!

Thank you all for your continued support and participation. Post, text, Email any questions!

Cardio Blitz

7 minute dynamic warm up

3 rounds of two exercises with the five second transition. After the three rounds take a one minute rest. Between each round there will be a run with an ascending distance.

1. Lunges + bodyweight squats

2. 200 meter run

3. Crossovers from the full plank position +1 legged V ups

4. 400 meter run

5. Lateral squat + low lunge

6. 600 meter run

7. Kneeling ab twist +  plank

8. 3:00 run or walk

No Surrender Boot Camp

If you are doing the No Surrender Boot Camp, here is some important information. If you are looking to do extra class during the week, we have a Tuesday/ Thursday Class Going on at our Midlothian location. We are working on a Wednesday night class and will announce the particulars on Monday.

Here are the passes for once per week or twice per week. Click on the Secret Links

2 times per week

1 time per week


Combat Conditioning 3

Dynamic warm up

3 rounds Bas R. ROUTINE 3:00 each

4 stations 5 rounds 2 exercises :35

1. Pull ups + 5 sit outs with shoulder roll

2. Punch out, max knees

3. Med ball roll + med ball toss

4. Monkey hops + 3 w uppercut

Basic Strength Training

3 sets two exercises 1:00 per set

1. Bench rack

– bench press or squat

– spotter

2. Platform

– deadlift  (155/105)

– hr push up or lunge

3. Dumbbells

– heavy dB row

– curtsy squat

4. Mat

– weighted plank

– prisoner lunge