Cardio Blitz

7 minute dynamic warm up

3 rounds of two exercises with the five second transition. After the three rounds take a one minute rest. Between each round there will be a run with an ascending distance.

1. Lunges + bodyweight squats

2. 200 meter run

3. Crossovers from the full plank position +1 legged V ups

4. 400 meter run

5. Lateral squat + low lunge

6. 600 meter run

7. Kneeling ab twist +  plank

8. 3:00 run or walk

No Surrender Boot Camp

If you are doing the No Surrender Boot Camp, here is some important information. If you are looking to do extra class during the week, we have a Tuesday/ Thursday Class Going on at our Midlothian location. We are working on a Wednesday night class and will announce the particulars on Monday.

Here are the passes for once per week or twice per week. Click on the Secret Links

2 times per week

1 time per week


Combat Conditioning 3

Dynamic warm up

3 rounds Bas R. ROUTINE 3:00 each

4 stations 5 rounds 2 exercises :35

1. Pull ups + 5 sit outs with shoulder roll

2. Punch out, max knees

3. Med ball roll + med ball toss

4. Monkey hops + 3 w uppercut

Basic Strength Training

3 sets two exercises 1:00 per set

1. Bench rack

– bench press or squat

– spotter

2. Platform

– deadlift  (155/105)

– hr push up or lunge

3. Dumbbells

– heavy dB row

– curtsy squat

4. Mat

– weighted plank

– prisoner lunge



8:00 run

200 m @80%

200 m @50%

8:00 Amrap

15 thrusters

10 spiderman planks

5 dive bomber push ups

30 ab twist

7:00 run

150 m @85%

150 m @45%

7:00 jumbo set

30 v ups

30 skull crushers

30 grasshoppers

30 froggers

6:00 run

100 m sprint

100 m light jog


11 jack knife deadline

12 curtsy squats

13 tricycles


Tabata Binge

Alternating Tabata with two to four exercises


1. Pull up bar / kettlebell

Pull up, push up, one arm kettlebell swing, hugh knee

2. Medicine ball station 1

Around the world, sit out

3. Madball station 2

Med ball AB twist, straight leg sit up

4. Sandbag

Bent over row, sandbag push up

5. 25 pound plate

Tricep extension, circular mountain climbers

6. Heavy curl bar

Heavy curl, light curl, close arm push up, tricep extension

7. Ab roll

Ab roll, 1 arm burpee

Week 2 Grind

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Improve your hypertension with good old exercise

Improve your hypertension with good old exercise.

Did you know that an overwhelming 75 percent of people over the age of 60 have hypertension? This isn’t a small number and certainly not one to be ignored. Defined as blood pressure greater than 140/90 mmHg, hypertension puts you at an increased risk for heart attack, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, kidney damage, vision loss, angina, and memory loss if left untreated. The frequency of high blood pressure is particularly puzzling since a few simple lifestyle changes can greatly reduce your risk for hypertension and the risks that go along with it.

What is one of the most effective natural treatments? Exercise! In fact, just a month of increased activity can lower your blood pressure by five to seven points. For mild to moderate cases of hypertension, exercise and a healthy diet can work wonders, but a blood pressure reading of 180/110 mmHg or above is an emergency situation requiring medication plus lifestyle changes to reach the safe zone.

As you age, it’s important to get your blood pressure checked at least once a year. Don’t take an elevated reading lightly. Start exercising today to lower your numbers.

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Five steps to a more organized life

Five steps to a more organized life.

Ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? The house is a mess, you’re late to every appointment, and you forget important dates. You envy people who seem to have it all together. How do they do it? Well, their organized lives didn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect yours to either.

Becoming organized is a process that must be cultivated over time. Intimidating as this may sound, the good news is that it’s never too late to start. The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to develop habits that lead to a more organized life at home, work, and on the go.

Adopt a few of these resolutions and see how your life changes for the better (and more organized).

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Basic Stations 2016

3 sets of 1:00 each exercise
#1 squat platform
1. Barbell squats
2. Circling mountain climbers

#2 turf
1. Overhead lunge
2. Bearcrawl (lunge)

#3 mat
1. Weighted plank
2. 3 step lateral high knee

#4 mat
1. Buddy sit up
2. Quad killers