Kate’s Trich Run


All gyms and bootcamps are closed today to go to Kate’s Trich Run. Two of our very own, Billy and Belinda has a child who suffers from this rare conditioning. The run will be held andy River Legacy Park in Arlington Texas. This run will be the first of its kind, but is sure to be the start of a nationwide launch. I’m proud as a fitness professional to be a ‘fly on the wall’ as something this momentous takes place. I have see the months of preparation of two parents for the run. On one end the physical part, them coming I everyday and making workout. The mental part, of them hashing out every detail to make this run a success. The theme for the run is to wear super hero attire.  I did not get a chance to obtain one. But I am pushing my kids on a stroller. Does Super Dad Count?

AJ Tucker
Crossfit Level-I Coach
Sport Performance Nutrition
Since 2005

This weeks meetup group workout

8 rounds

25 push ups

25 tricep kick backs

25 sit ups

25 crunches

200 meter run

Totals out at 200 reps for each exercise plus one mile

Jumbo Sets, iChoosefit Midlothian

Great group this morning, way to go! This morning we did a Jumbo Set format going through it as many time as possible. We did eight stations and went round robin.
1) 25 Step ups (24 inch box) 2 sets
2) 10-25 reps weighted push ups (25 lbs) 2 sets
3) 25 side sit ups
4) 20 reps Air Pressure Squat Machine at 90% Peak Power 2 sets
5) 25 pull ups (bands as variation)
6) 25 Bananass + 25 leg extensions
7) 800 meter run
8) 25 Power ropes + 25 stiff leg dead lifts
For 45 minutes
Everyone worked hard and the workout works for all fitness levels. Arlingtin you will be doing something similar tonight wi less equipment and a few rounds of boxing at the end.

iChoosefit – 28 Aug 12

Today’s workout was split into three different categories: hard, medium, and easy. We did 10 reps hard, 20 reps medium, and 30 reps easy. It would make no sense to do 10 reps of something easy unless you are warming up, and it would be ridiculous to do 30 reps on a difficult exercise unless you are high intermediate or advanced.
iChoosefit workouT

3 Hard- 10 pistol squats- 10 partner resisted push ups- 10 double V up with a Toe Touch
3 moderate- 20 deep squats with a shoulder press- 20 push ups with a crossover- 20 bicycles with a reverse cruch
3 easy- 30 bicycle curls- 30 tricep extensions- 30 sky crunches
3:00 minute freestyle round of boxing
Repeat this two times, takes an approximate 50:00 with cardio included.
Some of my most experienced lingers and squatters are sore the next day from pistol squats. Pistol squats are a one legged squat going all the way down below parallel. We are used to balancing on two legs all of the time, or bracing ourselves on the squat with two legs. When we switch to one leg we are using muscles that we are not accustomed to. If a person isn’t able to do the exercise he or she can do a artner assisted exercise with their buddy holding both hands. If the participant is Jill not able to go all the way down then he or she can just do a half squat. Even going down into a half squat, it is still a shock to the lower body.
What have you done to shock your body lately? Have you sprinted the last 400 yards of your run? Added an extra set to your workout? Or eaten clean for an entire week?
Tips available at www.ajtucker.fitpromag.com
If you are looking for a Crossfit or Boot camp program contact me at 817774-6552

Scale Addiction

This blog was written by Mike Starks, CEO of Meal Movement. If everyone followed this advice it would put me out of business. Check out the blog and please put me out of business!

“Weight loss.  Two words feared in the female language. From the day they are born, females hear their mom’s, aunts, sisters, friends, neighbors and Barbie on TV talking about it. They learn that the term weight loss to a woman is synonymous to ‘libido’ is to a man. So why?
For the past 40 years, Americans have been taught to focus on a silly little dial with numbers (or an LED screen). And that these numbers define their self- worth, their progress, their true inner core of being a woman. The more weight you lose…the better you are doing. The less you lose…you are lazy, or worse, just destined to be overweight.

Marketers have learned this is the main selling point in peddling their products.
“Lose 10lbs in 10 days on the _______________(fill in the blank) new overnight miracle cure”

What’s interesting about this whole concept in weight loss is that America and the UK are the only countries who really focus on weight loss. Don’t believe me? Try buying a ‘weight loss’ scale in Japan, Norway or Columbia. This concept of ‘weight loss’ is foreign (pun intended).

So where did the whole ‘weight loss’ thing begin? No one is sure but it’s my belief that it begun around 1950-1960 when doctors began setting up offices where they would measure their customers height and weight.  Then once a year, the client would come in and the customer’s weight was taken again. Naturally,if they lost weight, their health had improved. If they gained weight, their health likely suffered. So when the doctors began seeing this correlation, they realized that losing weight was healthy and gaining weight was not. With the influx of media channels (TV, radio, print), saavy marketing companies began using this whole weight loss correlation as a way to market good health.  Today, it’s marketed as get happy, feel sexy, regain your confidence or turn his head again.

So what’s the rub with ‘weight loss’?
Well….we believe that weight loss as a long term indicator is a great measurement of progress. Weighing yourself once a month or every two months helps keep you accountable.

Scale addiction…
Most people we deal with have become addicted to the scale. They get up at 8am, weigh themselves. They go and pee…they weigh. They eat, they weigh. They workout, they weigh. They pee again, they weigh. By the end of the 3rd day of their new miracle cure diet, they have weighed themselves 50 times and they finally give up out of frustration. They’re amazed that their friend Betty lost 10lbs in 1 day on this diet so therefore they believe the problem lies with them.

On a short term basis, weight loss is deceiving and ultimately defeating. It’s a worthless tool that will drive you crazy. Our simple recommendation, don’t do it. We believe in focusing on routines. These routines become habit. Habit becomes lifestyle change. Then, and only then, does healthy weight loss occur. What’s great about this philosophy is that when you stop focusing on a number, you actually begin focusing on the core of the problem. Your habits.

The mental agony of weight loss is when you don’t see the ‘number’ (results) you are promised or hope for, you then begin blaming yourself (or cursing God…or your husband J). You then begin believing that you were just meant to be overweight. You then give up.

Here’s the main key you must learn about this whole crazy weight loss thing. Eat the right food and your body burns body fat as fuel. Eat the wrong food and your body creates body fat after it uses some of this ‘wrong food’ as fuel. When your body burns body fat, you experience ‘weight loss’ . It takes your body several days to burn body fat. Some people burn fat faster than others. The simplistic theory that 3500 calories = 1lb of fat simply does not hold true. Thus, you must stop believing you will lose 50lbs in 2 months. Good health and weight loss take time. The great news: You can begin changing your habits immediately.

Okay then, what do I do now?
So if we discourage weight loss as a measurement what do we recommend you use to monitor your progress so that you do not waste  more of your precious time or energy going down another useless diet/fitness/weight loss path?  (*I wish I had a cute acronym like ‘S.E.X.Y’ or ‘R.I.P.P.E.D’ to add some ‘umph’ to my summary below but I do not).

a.       First Understand & Accept – you must understand and accept that health and fitness take time. You will begin ‘feeling’ the results within a matter of days. You will experience sugar withdrawals. When you cut out simple starches, sugar, fructose from your diet, your body will react. This is a sign that your body is shifting it’s ‘fuel source’ from the wrong foods to your stored body fat

b.      Patience – ignore the noise. Learning to ignore the noise around you and in your head is 99% of the battle. You must remind yourself you are changing your life and not worrying about weights or dates. Remind yourself that patience is what you must focus on to learn health.

c.       Size Reduction – your clothes, bra strap, jewelry, etc will get looser. This is the outward noticeable sign. Don’t expect to get in a size 2 before your high school reunion. Just know you will reduce SEVERAL sizes over the next 12 months. (one of our 1,700 trainers told me a great illustration he uses for his clients regarding weight loss vs. size reduction, it goes something like this…”Imagine you weigh 180lbs and wear a size 14. Then tomorrow, we get in a rocket ship and go to the moon. On the moon, you would weigh only 30lbs…however you are still in a size 14. The lesson…focus on size reduction. It’s the true barometer of how you are doing!)

I tell a lot of clients if they want to lose weight fast, simply stop eating and walk 3 hours a day (of course I am not serious). They will lose weight but when they begin eating again, the fat fairy will come back with a vengeance along with her 2 cousins ‘Cellulite and Panty Lines’. You must stop focusing on the numbers of a dial. You must address the core of the problem… eating habits. Not less, not starvation. But simply the wrong foods

So…what are the proper eating habits? Sorry, you will have to ‘weight’ until next week.”

Great Taste, Small Waist!™
The Meal Movement
Mike Starks

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Three Types of People to Avoid to Achieve Your Goals

As we move into the New Year we set new goals, and repair old ones. High achievement is difficult and everyone needs a support system. January 2006 one of my fitness mentors told me that there are three types of people that will keep you from achieving your goals. In order to achieve these goals I would have to avoid these three types of people.

1)   Crabs – Have you ever watched the discovery channel when the fishermen catch crabs?  When they catch the crabs the fishermen puts them into a bucket or a cage. If the fishermen were to leave the bucket open the crabs would not be able to escape. Why? When a crab decides that he wants to escape the pot of boiling water that is waiting for him the other crabs get angry and instinctively reaches up with one of those pinchers and pulls him back down. Have you ever tried to achieve something big? Have you ever tried to climb out of the bucket you were in? Whether it is starting a new business, exercise program, or taking a chance, your friends will say something negative about it and give you reasons why you can’t. “You don’t   have the experience… why are you working out you don’t need to lose weight… it is too risky… hey you want to go out this weekend, forget your meal plan.” If someone says this to you constantly then you have a crab in your life. Get away! As quick as possible.

2)   Vampires – Shows like Vampire Diaries, and True Blood has taken the nation by storm. They sensationalize the fantasy. Basically, a vampire must feed on a human’s blood to stay alive. They either kill the person, or drain them until they cannot do anything for a time, and then drain them again. A psychological vampire is a person who always seems to have a problem. The thing is, we all have problems, but a vampire always voices his or her problems at the expense of other. Everything that comes out of their mouth is negative. “How was your day today?” “Well I stubbed my toe, and I just got them done yesterday, this is a bad!” Once the vampire drains you of your time and energy he or she moves on to someone else. The minute you feel better, whether it is a day, month, or year later his or her timing is impeccable. They will call you again with a story that you cannot afford to listen to. There is a difference. I am not talking about the person who fell on hard times. I am talking about the person who always seems to have a hard time. This person is a vampire; run!

3)   Yabbits – A yabbit is the most dangerous of the three. This is the person who, no matter how great the news is they will always reply “yeah but….”


“hey man, I just got a promotion today!” “Yeah… but you are still broke”

“I have been losing inches, isn’t that great!” “Yeah… but you are not losing weight.”

“Wow, Donald Trump sure has a lot of money” “Yeah… but look at his hair!”

A Yabbit is a master of one-upmanship . They will always one up you no matter what you say and make you feel depress and unmotivated.

Stay away!

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Washed away in the rain – White Rock Marathon

This morning iChoosefit had at least two teams going to the White Rock Relay. WIthin the span of twenty minutes from 4:00 am to 4:20 am an entire team was washed away in the rain. Two had an emergency the night before, one is just recovering from major surgery on her knee and concerned about the conditions, and my wife found out that she had to go into the office for a few hours which leaves me with the three kiddos. The fifth person on the team is out by default. Everyone was ready for the challenge of navigating through the rain. Everyone in the team having been through multiple mud runs, or actual military boot camp experience. We still have one solid team in place. Big ups to everyone participating in the race today, be safe.

I will be calling all of my friends, family, and campers today to see who was still able to make it. What percentage of people will still make the race this morning who are signed up?