Double Rounds Red Oak

Warm up + 4 laps +100 Jumping Jacks

2x: 30 step ups 25 split jumps 12 jump squats


2x: 30 tricep dips 12 push ups 15 tricep pushup


2x: 50 mountain climbers – 25 plank jacks


2x: 50 crossover lunge – 25 tricycle


Lower Body Conditioning

Dynamic warm up 8:00

6 sets of 80 yard sprints + 15 good mornings

Lunge for 90 seconds

Crossover lunge for 90 seconds

5 sets of 7 toe to bar (10 leg lifts)


1. Jog in place 30 seconds + 150 m Sprint

2. Butt kicks 30 seconds + 150 m sprint

3. Curb split hops + 150 m sprint

6:00 stations

1. 3 rounds

45 seconds front load lunge (115/75)

45 seconds jump squats

2. Boxing

20 sets 43 with a knee, 100 high knees, switch

3. Lower body

15 squat machine

15 dumbbell sumo squats (70/55)

15 ghd back extensions

15 prisoner lunges

Then do 200 m run

Midlothian Bootcamp December 28th, 2012

Great job this morning Midlothian. It is December 28th, and I commend you for coming back to workout so early. Most people will wait until next week, and most will procrastinate until February. Here is what you did today. Keep these numbers, we will do this again and increase all numbers.

Warm up

– 40 lunges

– 400 m run

– 40 AB rolls

– stretching

Two minutes max reps

– Barbell deep squat with a press (95/65)

– Bench Press (95/65)

– sit up

– box jump

– inverted rows

– dead lifts (155/95)

– shuttle

– tire flip

“A Whole Lotta Tabatas”


15 minute dynamic warmup

- constant movement: high knee, butt kicks, bear crawl, backward bear crawl, sprints, dynamic stretching 

7 Tabatas

1) Push ups
2) Lady Bugs
3) Sprints
4) Pull ups/ Burpees
5) Back Squats/ Power Jacks
6) Thrusters / Butterfly Crunch
7) ??? Mystery Tabata :)

43:00 total constant intensity

The Compound Effect of Dream Breakers

When I was sixteen years old my high school (Bowie Vols!) invited a motivational speaker to give us tips of life, motivation, and goal achievement. He was very big and strong, able to rip a telephone book in half with his bare hands (which he did), and his message was very inspirational. One of the main things that stuck with me and my wife (high school sweetheart) was to stay away from dream breakers. . Fast-forward to now, and I have noticed the Social Media Dream breaker.

This year I have witnessed hordes of people strive to achieve weight loss goals, along with others. People love checking-in to their favorite workout place, or post a healthy recipe they try, and the ‘likes’ and positive feedback motivates them to move forward. In addition, there is a positive compound effect of post: it holds the person accountable, and it motivates others to get off of their butts. Every so often a person will give negative feedback on the persons’ page and it is absolutely devastating. I will not use the names out of respect, but it is something that is so repetitive and happens so often that you may be someone who is a victim of a Dream breaker.

A friend of mine has an eating disorder. She battled bulimia for 10 years, and suffered bouts of severe weakness. She recently went through treatment and is winning her battle with the eating disorder. She is now highly motivated, and wants to become a fitness trainer, and is in the process of working on her fitness certification. It has only been four months since she began her fitness journey, but one of the things that bothered her is that she has gained weight since she started eating again. She posts her workouts, meals, and favorite quotes daily and her friends cheer her on. One day a person posted a negative comment with the tone of “you are getting fat, what you are doing is not working…you looking like you are gaining weight…” This definitely put a damper on her self-image and how she viewed her progress. I talked to her at length and gave her an analogy. “When the city decides to do construction on a road, no likes the process. It causes traffic jams and everyone says ‘man I hate this road…’ It goes on for six months to a year and when the road is finished those same people are saying “man I love this road, this is awesome!” The body is the same way, when first start eating again, your body is a construction site. The body has to get used to taking in those extra calories, but you are becoming healthier. Eventually, with consistency and exercise you will lose the weight but you will be strong and healthy.” It made sense to her, and she told me that it helped, but the mean post that person put really affected her. There are other examples of people who post their progress, or that they are working out, and others post things like “Don’t worry, she will gain it back…” or the ole “you don’t look like you are changing…”

Personally, I think most people are good, but they possess that CRAB mechanism. If you do not know what a human crab is please take a moment to see the definition here

If someone tries to better themselves, we have a natural instinct to pull them back down to earth. I will play devil’s advocate and say that when people are posting their goals and dreams, it can be perceived that they are rubbing it in the face of others. As a result people will lash out at them, but I do not think it is the right thing to do. If you really feel like someone is rubbing something in your face, or they are out of line just shoot them a message before you publicly embarrassed them. Maybe a small percentage of us try to rub it in, but most of the people I know who post their progress are scared out of their wits and they need all of the support and prayer that they can get! We all have a profession, something that we are good at, a place in our lives where we have thick skin and can take criticism. Then there is our hobby, our second love; whether it be learning how to play an instrument, or trying to change our bodies through diet and exercise. This is where we are most vulnerable, because we are putting a massive effort into it, but we are not experts in this field. I put we, because even though I am fitness professional, I have so much to learn and I have such a long ways to go. This is where we have really thin skin, and when someone says something negative, or something that will take us off course, it works easily.

Now back to the title “The Compound Effect of Dream breakers”

Each time someone tells me about how someone was mean and ugly to them on facebook or twitter. It changes the way that person post. Anytime you publicly display your weight loss and fitness journey, there is someone who is quietly cheering for you, someone who is slowly building up the courage to go on their own journey of transformation. When that person transforms, there is someone watching them, and so on and so forth. Think about this hard… I am not speaking to the dream breaker, he or she is probably not going to read a motivational tip, and they are probably ‘head hunting’ this very moment. I am speaking to the person who is struggling hard to stay focused, the person who has big goals and aspirations, the person who may be hanging on to their goal by a tiny thread. I am also talking to myself. Be loud and proud about your goals and your progress, it puts your butt to the fire and holds you accountable, but more importantly you become part of someone else’s journey. If someone says something ugly to you and you stop posting, for one it will slow you down. Secondly, the person that was quietly cheering for you will be let down as well. What if you have a follower, or what if there are 1000 people that can be inspired by only you and your unique story? And out of those 1000, what if each of them has a follower or 100 potential people who will be inspired by them? This is the full devastation. It does not just slow you down, it kills more than realize. If you are quiet about your goals, I am not telling you the all of a sudden start a video log on YouTube. Continue your course. But if you are one of those who are loud about it, continue to do so and understand you have someone who is counting on you to succeed besides yourself. Don’t try to avoid the people that throw negative words and thoughts at you, in doing so you avoid the people that need you.

How to Re-motivate you

The weather is changing, the holiday season is here. With all of the parties, events and preparation for Turkey Day and Christmas, it is easy to backslide on your fitness program, or any big-time goal you have for that matter. If you backslide too much, you feel sluggish, slow and tired. But despite how you feel your number of task increases rapidly. You may be scheduled for a five mile run, or there is that light bulb in the back yard that needs changing. It gets dark really early because of the time change, so it would only make sense to do it right? Why haven’t you? Its 5:30 a.m. and you know that you group of friends are working their tails off, but it is a little chilly outside, and you are super tired from your super-busy schedule, so you decide to sleep in. The moral to the story is you are falling behind on everything, not because you are getting busier, because you are doing less while your schedule is getting busier. If this is you then you need a Spark, a re-kindling of the fire that comes from within … MOTIVATION. The most efficient way to get things done is to start with the big, difficult task and do the less important things second or not at all. But in this case you need to reverse the order. You need a spark, a change of pace, something to break out of the funk you are in. So how do you throw gasoline onto your psyche? You don’t have to strain and give some tremendous effort, write down a huge list, or sit down and think about it. Start with something simple. For exercise it could be a one mile run, if you are out of shape, a 1k run; something small, anything to get you moving. If you are behind on task, start out with something small like sweeping the floor, seriously. Once you finish one simple task, continue to push and gradually pick up the pace. Don’t worry about everything you have to do. Avoid letting task loom over you like a shadow or a Grim Reaper of time. Just stay focused on what is in front of you and move onto the next thing. When I am in a rut, this works for me 80% of the time. If it doesn’t work, I just try something else which I will post on another blog so stay tuned J

If you are in the DFW area you can come try a free workout at Boot Camp or try Crossfit at

Jumbo Sets, iChoosefit Midlothian

Great group this morning, way to go! This morning we did a Jumbo Set format going through it as many time as possible. We did eight stations and went round robin.
1) 25 Step ups (24 inch box) 2 sets
2) 10-25 reps weighted push ups (25 lbs) 2 sets
3) 25 side sit ups
4) 20 reps Air Pressure Squat Machine at 90% Peak Power 2 sets
5) 25 pull ups (bands as variation)
6) 25 Bananass + 25 leg extensions
7) 800 meter run
8) 25 Power ropes + 25 stiff leg dead lifts
For 45 minutes
Everyone worked hard and the workout works for all fitness levels. Arlingtin you will be doing something similar tonight wi less equipment and a few rounds of boxing at the end.

Three Types of People to Avoid to Achieve Your Goals

As we move into the New Year we set new goals, and repair old ones. High achievement is difficult and everyone needs a support system. January 2006 one of my fitness mentors told me that there are three types of people that will keep you from achieving your goals. In order to achieve these goals I would have to avoid these three types of people.

1)   Crabs – Have you ever watched the discovery channel when the fishermen catch crabs?  When they catch the crabs the fishermen puts them into a bucket or a cage. If the fishermen were to leave the bucket open the crabs would not be able to escape. Why? When a crab decides that he wants to escape the pot of boiling water that is waiting for him the other crabs get angry and instinctively reaches up with one of those pinchers and pulls him back down. Have you ever tried to achieve something big? Have you ever tried to climb out of the bucket you were in? Whether it is starting a new business, exercise program, or taking a chance, your friends will say something negative about it and give you reasons why you can’t. “You don’t   have the experience… why are you working out you don’t need to lose weight… it is too risky… hey you want to go out this weekend, forget your meal plan.” If someone says this to you constantly then you have a crab in your life. Get away! As quick as possible.

2)   Vampires – Shows like Vampire Diaries, and True Blood has taken the nation by storm. They sensationalize the fantasy. Basically, a vampire must feed on a human’s blood to stay alive. They either kill the person, or drain them until they cannot do anything for a time, and then drain them again. A psychological vampire is a person who always seems to have a problem. The thing is, we all have problems, but a vampire always voices his or her problems at the expense of other. Everything that comes out of their mouth is negative. “How was your day today?” “Well I stubbed my toe, and I just got them done yesterday, this is a bad!” Once the vampire drains you of your time and energy he or she moves on to someone else. The minute you feel better, whether it is a day, month, or year later his or her timing is impeccable. They will call you again with a story that you cannot afford to listen to. There is a difference. I am not talking about the person who fell on hard times. I am talking about the person who always seems to have a hard time. This person is a vampire; run!

3)   Yabbits – A yabbit is the most dangerous of the three. This is the person who, no matter how great the news is they will always reply “yeah but….”


“hey man, I just got a promotion today!” “Yeah… but you are still broke”

“I have been losing inches, isn’t that great!” “Yeah… but you are not losing weight.”

“Wow, Donald Trump sure has a lot of money” “Yeah… but look at his hair!”

A Yabbit is a master of one-upmanship . They will always one up you no matter what you say and make you feel depress and unmotivated.

Stay away!

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Working out in the cold

Well that time is upon us. We have been flirting with the cold all year, and this morning we are finally below freezing. Let’s be honest, we are in Texas so we will be below freezing for about five minutes.

If you are meeting me out in Arlington this morning make sure you layer up, and you can always strip down when it heats up. Do not base the outdoor temperature on the garage. I have seen it hundreds of time; the late boot camper who rushes out of the garage in a t-shirt only to find that it is below 30 degrees.

Always check the weather the day before. Don’t check the weather to decide if you are going to go to boot camp or not, check the weather to decide how you are going to dress. You have to be fully committed to your goals and aspirations, and part of that is consistency and telling yourself that you will not miss a workout.

The way iChoosefit is set up you can exercise six days per week. I am not saying go out all six days, but at least come out three days per week and commit to an indoor workout three days per week.

When I was in boot camp in the Army, the Drill instructors always reminded us to “Drink Water!” especially in the cold. When it is cold I personally do not desire as much water, but we were taught that you can get dehydrated in the cold like you can get dehydrated in the heat. Do not fall for the trap. Continue to drink water throughout the day, even if it sends you to the restroom a few more times a day. Water keeps the system clean and it helps you burn more calories.

Bears hibernate in the winter. The go off into a cave and gain a bunch of fat. Don’t hibernate from you workouts this winter. Finish 2011 off strong while getting a head start on 2012. Make it your time!

Law 2: Simplify and apply or Ready Aim Fire!!

    We live in a world where we have more access to knowledge than ever.
Anything you want to know about anything can be Googled, or researched in
an online database. With this increase in available knowledge we take up
mental space with trivia, ignoring the basics and becoming experts on
useless garbage. Use your brain; find out what is most important and use
it, find out what's not important and lose it. Paralysis through analysis
is counter-productive. Simplify and apply. Memorizing this book will do
little for your journey to the Land of Lean. You can be a dietitian, an
ex-bodybuilder or a professional athlete and still be a soft body. If you
know what to do and fail to do it and try to explain to me how much you
know I will walk away from the useless discussion. If you are a soft body
then you are ignoring one of the most important laws: application.

Tragedy: Giselle is 44 years old, married with no kids. When she met her
husband 20 years ago she was 134 pounds. 20 years later she gained until
she was 264 pounds. Her marriage was in trouble and her husband constantly
talked about leaving her. This is not a matter of him being right or
wrong, it is a matter of her really wanting to lose the weight to save
their marriage. She tried a variety diets, exercise programs, and
different trainers with little or no results. The pressure was on, she
decided to give it another ‘heave ho’. Giselle went to her local gym, sign
up and had a consultation with her soon to be trainer. She told him the
story of all of the diets she did. How she had lost 40 pounds once on a
high protein, high fat diet, but gained it all back. Keith, her trainer,
was excited about the challenge. In his inexperience, he felt supremely
confident that she could lose 100 pounds in 9 months, save her marriage
and be on the front of a magazine as his star testimonial. Had he been
more experienced, he would have been concerned that this could be a
troublesome client. The type of person who would sabotage herself at the
expense of his time, her time, and everyone else involved. They dove into
the program, full-speed, and she lost 6 pounds in a week. They sat down
and talked about each hour of the day, her activity levels and her caloric
intake. She agreed to follow a strict supplement plan, meal plan, and meet
with him three times a week. The first week was great, the second week she
lost another 3 pounds. After a few weeks things came to a standstill. This
is when Keith started getting suspicious. Her measurements stayed the same
after another 4 weeks, but she still claimed that she was losing weight.
This wasn’t the case. He confronted her about it and she said that if she
didn’t lose weight her husband would leave her. Therefore she had to give
him a number. “OK, let us again go over everything you do, because you can
lose the weight. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?” “Well last
week I decided to go back on the high protein, no carb diet. I figured
that since I lost 40 pounds without exercise that I would surely lose it
while doing your exercise program.” She Replied. Exasperated he urged her
to get off of the diet immediately and he explained the long-term, yo-yo
effects of doing such diets. Giselle promised that she would go back to
his plan. Another month goes by with minimal results. Keith stayed up late
nights studying his client. He calculated and recalculated what her
caloric intake should be. He went over past exercise routine he took her
through and noted how her performance was actually declining instead of
improving. He finally came to the conclusion that he should before all the
hours of reflection…she wasn’t eating enough. From previous conversations,
Keith knew that she owned over a dozen nutrition books.
Giselle owned more diet books than any Nutritionist. From these books she
had accumulated enough knowledge herself dangerous. She did not have a
full understanding of a sound regimen. She had bits and pieces of
knowledge from this book and that, and she used this to constantly argue
and contest her trainer. He finally called her husband to get a full
report on what really goes into her mouth at home. He confessed that she
was on a program where they actually sent her the food. Keith explained
that when you exercise your caloric needs increase and if she wasn’t
eating enough then her body will hold on to the fat. Her husband also
admitted that she soda all of the time and that she had just bought a 12
pack from the grocery store. Some experts would say a diet soda is ok, but
the sweeteners in the soda will actually give you a sweet tooth and make
you have powerful cravings. Keith was fed up, she had promised to him
months before that she had weaned herself off of it but she had been
lying. She then argued that her sodas did not have any calories because
they were DIET soda, so it was ok to drink. He told her to bring all of
her sodas and candies and dump it in the trash or he was going to fire
her. She agreed. He went to the gym expecting her to show up. He did not
hear from her for 2 months after that day and only briefly. She claimed
she was sick and he claimed that he did not have any available times to
train her. She had not lost a pound in those two months. She actually had
gained all of the weight back. Giselle had did so many diets and read so
many books that she thought she knew more than her trainer. What she knew
was trivia, a bunch of facts without putting them together into an
effective regimen. It is as if she had the material to build a home, but
randomly tossed the material in an area hoping to build a house. What she
ended up with was a pile of rubble and her body reflected it.

Triumph: Felicia met her future husband Andre in 1984. Felicia had just
graduated with a degree in Business Finance and Andre was a fast tracking
sergeant in the Army. Felicia stood 5’2, 105 pounds with bright, beautiful
facial features. Her big personality made her seem larger than life and
she made people happy when she was around them. Andre was tall, athletic
and rangy. In the military he simply made things happen. They fell madly
in love, had 2 children and were predicted to live happily ever after. To
make a long story short however; over a 15-year period Felicia went from
105lbs to 200lbs pounds. She outweighed her husband. As a result he
divorced her for another woman. She admitted that she was warned many
times, but she was happy and complacent and never thought that something
like this could happen. She was wrong. This is another case where it is
not right, but it is what happened. All she could do was scrape up what
was left of her life, take her kids and get out of town. She was a big
time manager at a major retail company and she was transferable, so she
started over in Washington, D.C. Her goal was to get back on her feet,
physically and emotionally. The two go hand in hand. Felicia did what all
of the others did and went to her local gym. Her trainer Phil did not even
have to fill out a questionnaire for her. She came in with no appointment,
went into the fitness counseling office and spilled her heart out. This
was a person who was an all or nothing type of person. Felicia had a
burning desire to reach her goals she just needed some direction. Phil was
more of a nuts and bolts type of trainer. He took her body fat and
measurements that day, but he did not go on to calculate the exact amount
of calories she needed to lose weight. He knew that she had been through a
lot but when she hemmed and hawed the first few sessions he ignored her.
For nutrition he simply gave her a piece of paper and said “if you want
the results eat this every day until you get tired of it.” It was the
basic oatmeal & egg whites/ Chicken and Broccoli route. For exercise he
started with a straightforward regimen: pull-downs, seated-rows, squats,
curls, push-ups and cardio. She was uncoordinated when it came to the
Swiss ball, so he threw it out. Phil did not want to spend time teaching
her how to balance on a wobbly ball; he wanted to spend time burning the
maximum amount of calories. He explained that he trains by the K.I.S.S.
method... “Keep it simple stupid!” Behind his caveman façade, Phil is a
highly intelligent motivator who has a keen awareness of people’s psyche.
He knew from Martial Arts that mastery of the arts is the basics mastered.
He gave her a basic meal plan as if it were dipped in gold and the words
were diamond studded. He focused on her with such intensity that she felt
like she was training to become Miss Universe. Felicia fed off of this
singularity of purpose. At the grocery store she had the list right in
front of her face when she bought groceries and followed the meal plan by
the letter. She also increased her water intake as he instructed. There
was no “well it says here…but can I do this…what brand??...I work so much
I don’t think I can eat this frequently…” This motivated individual bought
no excuses to the table. She did not blame anything on her family and
friends, if they were eating hamburgers she stuck to her Lean and Greens
without complaint and without question. Instead of being discouraged when
she was overwhelmed with a particular exercise she would go to the gym on
her off days and simply do that exercise on her own. As a result, the next
time she did that particular exercise she was able to do the weight and
reps easily. Phil would take note and bump up the intensity of course, but
the fact of the matter was that she was making amazing progress. The more
intense the workout the more the body will tone up. Felicia went from a
size 16 to a 10/12 in a little over 3 months. With still a long way to the
‘Land of Lean’, Felicia was devastated when she got a new job offer in
another state. It was such a great opportunity that it could not be
ignored, but what about her workout sessions?  “Look.” Said Phil in one of
their last sessions “ it wasn’t me that lost the weight or made you lose
the weight, you did this. As long as you have the desire and motivation
then you will get down to your desired weight. Keep it simple and work
hard. Call me anytime you get caught up, but your results and future
results have nothing to do with me.” And with that they parted ways. 6
months later Phil got a call from Felicia. She had gotten herself down to
a size 6 and she was beginning to see lines in her legs and on her
stomach. She had found variations, but had kept the foundation of what she
had learned from Phil. ‘Simplify and Apply’.

Keys: In law 1 you made a plan and detailed it out. You have written out
when you will workout, and what you will eat. You have a complete list to
your success. Sometimes this list can be over whelming. The information
will lead you to your goals but the route may look like a 50-foot wall you
must scale without a rope. Push the wall back, one piece at a time and
break it up into baby steps. It is better to master a few things and do it
right rather than do everything wrong.

-Prioritize. Find out which thing is the most important and focus your
energies on that mission. (Example; water intake)
- Favorite. If you have a hard time with the most important thing focus on
your favorite thing. Master it quickly and move on to another task.
(cardio, then water intake)

-        Easiest. Focus on the easiest thing you can do to build momentum. ( move
your butt)
-        If you can be successful at one of these things it will give you
confidence and momentum. You will then go on to a more difficult task.
-        On a day-to-day basis, you will practice the worst first method. Taking
something that you like the least and getting it out of the way first. If
you do not like taking vitamins, take them first thing, if you do not like
cardio, knock it out at 5:30 am. Later on in the day you can go to the
more popular missions.