Saturday Sizzle

Dynamic Warmup + 1 Lap around school


12 Minute Stations (do as much as possible)

1st set

Partner Parachute run around the parking lot. Sprint on long stretch, jog on short, 20 push-ups at the end of each sprint. Switch with partner once you make one lap.

2nd set

Overhead ball Toss, then sprint to get it. Toss until end of parking lot. On the way back hold ball over head and run back, then switch with partner who is doing oblique twists. 20 air squats before you switch again. Then repeat.

3rd set

3,6,9,12,15,18,21 back down

Weighted box step ups

Squat Thrust


Tabatas- 6 rounds

20 second push-ups, 10 seconds off. Repeat for 6 rounds.



On the 8′s

Dynamic Warmup x2

25- Mountain Climbers

25- Jumping Jacks

30- Side Skaters

15- Burpees

20- Lunge w/twist

1 Lap around school

Set1- 8 minute set

20- T bar pushup w/weight

20- HR Pushup

10- Push up w/right & left hand row, push up then stand up

10- Asymmetrical Push Ups (left, middle right)

Sprint to end of parking lot and back

Set 2- 8 minute set

25- Bicep Curls

25- Lateral Raises

25- Arnold Press

25- Hammer curls

Sprint to end of parking lot and back

Set 3- 8 minute set

25- Overhead tricep ext w/partner resistance

25- Dips on boxes

25- Single arm tricep extension over shoulder

25- Tricep kick back

Sprint to end of parking lot and back

Set 4-  (6 Parking lot lines)

1- Up/Downs

2- Squat Jumps

3- Star Jumps

4- Hammer Jack Squats

5- Froggers

6- Jumping Jacks

Set 5

1- minute Bananas

1- minute Ab Twist

1- minute Butterfly Crunch



Sweat Breaker Mansfield

10 min Round (complete as many rounds as possible)

5 man makers

50 yrd sprint down, 10 tuck jumps, 50 yrd sprint back


3 rounds

10 KBS

20 bicycles

10 burpees

300 m run


Tabata interval

push-ups/ squat hops

18 Mar 13


Bodyweight conditioning test
20 minute max rounds
- 9 Burpees
- 15 box jumps
- 200 m run
Skill work:
- Deadlifts
- squats
- power clean
Word of the week
“learn to hate what you love and love what you hate”

You vs You

Dynamic Warm-up

15 seconds each: high knees, butt kicks, shuffle, backwards jog, power skip, lunges, spider walk, sholder rotation (Jogging between each exercise).

Strength Training

3 set of 5 minute rounds. Objective is to repeat the exercises as many times as possible within 5 minutes.(Rest 2 minutes between each set.)

1set 10reps each: Inverted Rows, Push-ups, Split jumps(double count)

2set 10reps each: Thrusters, Sit-ups, Rearflys

3set 10 reps each: Romanian DL (w/dumbbells), Dips, Leg raises


5 rounds of ladder sprints:

Down and back for: 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, and 25m

(The goal is to keep pace or beat the time of your first round. Don’t fall behind as go in to the later rounds.)


Tabatas: leg raises, Inverted rows, dumbbell swings

Death by Push-ups (20 reps with a 20 second count between each push-up)


Sneak Attack the Fat (operation gut buster)

"It is no secret that greens are good for the body but surprisingly,
despite their large number of nutritional advantages, they are one of the
most under-consumed foods in the average person's diet. There is such a
wide variety of green vegetable with different textures and tastes that
including one or more as part of a balanced diet need no longer be a point
of contention.

What is it that makes leafy green vegetables a veritable superfood? One
reason is the rich assortment of nutrients that can be found in them;
vitamins A, C, E, and K feature heavily in salad greens, kale and spinach
while many of the B vitamins can be found in broccoli, bok choy, mustard
greens and many other varieties of leafy green vegetable. These same
vegetables also contain an abundance of phytonutrients (or phytochemicals)
such as zeaxanthin, lutein and beta-carotene; valuable chemicals which
protect cells from damage.

Green leafy vegetables also contain high levels of dietary fibre,
magnesium, potassium, folic acid, calcium and even Omega-3 fatty acids,
which serve to maintain eye health, aid in digestive regulation, increase
bone strength and boost the immune system"(Nwabineli. 2009).
In other words, EAT GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES!!! Many of us, including
myself, shun vegetables. But it is imperative that we find a way to put
them into our bodies one way or another.

Example of how to sneak attack the fat: this morning I grabbed a banana, 5
strawberries, 12 blueberries, 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder, a full
cup of ice and 1/4 cup of water. I also stuffed a bunch of spinach and
greens in the blender as well. Here is the beautiful part about it, I
enjoyed the sweet taste of the fruit and the nice cold texture of a
smoothie, but I did not taste the spinach at all.

I sometimes pour a small cup for my kids and they love it as well. If you
are having trouble with your vegetables, try this tactic to 'sneak attack the

Columbus Day

Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day! In 1492 Christopher Columbus stumbled upon a new land that changed the history of the world. The exact details are unclear. Some people believe that everyone thought the world was flat at the time and Columbus was out to prove them wrong. Some historians state that navigators knew that the world was round, but miscalculated the size. The exact details are unclear, but we can all agree that he sailed west and stumbled upon new land, and he thought he had landed in Asia. The journey was a large undertaking, and Columbus needed three the S’s, I am not talking about Shave, Shower and … sing! I am talking about Support, Supreme Confidence, and Stick-to-it-tiveness.

1)   Support – In this case he needed funding. He could not do this on his own. Maybe he could have built a raft alone and tried his hand, but he would have either drown or washed back up to shore. Queen Isabella of Spain funded Columbus for the journeys. She enabled him to get the ships, supplies, and men to make the journey.

2)   Supreme Confidence – Columbus was not a great navigator, nor was there any reason to give him so much support. But he did not know that, he had a supreme confidence in himself as if he were destined for greater things. He also had to have a supreme confidence in himself to keep asking for funding after kings, queens and nobility kept turning him down.

3)   Stick-to-it-tiveness – He waited more than seven years to finally receive the support he needed to make the long journey. After receiving a ship, he crashed one. He had to have the confidence in himself to ask for more and to go on another journey after such a set back.

The Jury is still out on whether he was a hero, or a villain. It depends on who you ask. But what we can use are the three S’s

1)   Support – If you want to get fit, change your life, and achieve your goals, you need a support system in place. Start with your friends and family to support what you are trying to do. Often times, friends and family are the number one culprits of people who derail you from your fitness goals. The harder an individual tries, the more happy-hour invites he or she will receive. Think back, and examine the times when you tried to do something great, and you received absolutely no support from your spouse or close friend. Recruit an Army of supporters that will hold you accountable and see you to your goals.

2)   Supreme Confidence – If someone has done it before, then you can too. If you are looking to lose 10, 20, or even 50 lbs, you can do it because someone else has done it before. A belief system is key.

3)   Stick-to-it-tiveness – You may not find this word in the dictionary, but you can use it nonetheless.  Thomas Edison states “Genius is hard work, stick-to-it-tiveness, and common sense.” If you stick with something long enough, you will get there. Even if you don’t, you will get further than you would had you not tried at all. Be like postage stamp, and stick to it until you have reached your destination.

Pick a goal and go Columbo on it!

Happy Columbus Day

AJ Tucker


What is the Number One Music Genre of all Time?

What is the #1 Music Genre of all Time?

I listen to all the genres: rock, rap, country, blues… And throughout the times artist climb their way to the top. You have the Beatles, Elvis, Tu Pac, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and many more. But there is a genre that is more popular than all of them combined and we hear it everyday whether we love it or not. The most listened to genre of all time are Excuses. The Excuse industry tops the charts every year and has so for 100 years in a row. People love them because it gives them a reason to shy away from their goals. With songs like “I am too busy” “I can’t afford it” and “This is my baby weight (your child is 7..)” It is hard to get motivated if you listen to them.

Do you listen to your iPod when you clean, exercise, or go on a long run?

Most people would say it helps them focus, “I was able to push out a few extra reps when my favorite song came on…” So if these motivational songs spur you to greater athletic prowess, imagine what these songs from the Excuse Genre are doing?

Guard your ears, switch gears!