Buddy Reps 5:00 max reps


partner up with a team of six and do max reps as a team for five minutes. There are four exercises

1. box jumps

2. medball toss and roll

3. sand bag lunge/ alternating run

4. max distance run

do 10:00 muscle maintenance: row picks a muscle group and we work different muscle groups.


Take Two!

Watch out for these common diet mistakes. Guilty of a few? Try again…the right way.

Everybody makes mistakes, so it’s no surprise that people trying to lose weight will make mistakes along the way. Once you realize the error of your ways, there’s no need to feel like a failure or give up. Instead, learn from your mistakes so you won’t repeat them in the future. You’ll come out stronger on the other side and have a greater chance of meeting your goals.

Diet mistakes can be broken down into three categories: eating healthy foods the unhealthy way, maintaining habits that slow your metabolism, and plain ol’ laziness.

Healthy Foods the Unhealthy Way

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Rules of Exercise

The do’s and don’ts when it comes to exercise.

The fitness world can be a confusing place to navigate. Everyone you talk to has a different piece of advice or warning when it comes to stretching, proper form, injury prevention, or staying hydrated. To whom do you listen? If you’re new to exercise, your personal trainer can guide you through the ins and outs of getting in shape and reaching your goals, but you may have questions you’re embarrassed to ask.

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16 June AM Workout }:]

Dynamic Warm up

50 knees each leg

50 rocky sit ups each person

4:00 boxing, 4:00 dumbell, 4:00 cardio

Round 1

  • 2:00 power jack w/3 punchs {3500} *2
  • 2:00 10 ¼ squat w/ later raise + 10 modified speed lunge
  • 2:00 10 d.b crossovers + 10 bicycle with d.b. exchange
  • 4:00 run max distance

Round 2

  • 2:00 10 sec max punch + escape (boxer must cut off pad holder) *2
  • 2:00 max reps push press + max distance farmers carry
  • 2:00 max reps OH Lunge + max distance farmers carry
  • 4:00 40 m sprint + :20 rest

Round 3

  • 2:00 freestyle (make sure you pull punches) *2
  • 4:00 20 muscle snatch + 20 d.b. curb switch hops
  • 4:00 100 m emom

8:00 run continuous pace (slower than your normal 1 mile pace/ focus on form and heart rate)

Cool down


15 June Workout:)

This weekend I competed in a fitness competition. I am very sore, so I decided to pass the love. Posted below is a variation/scaled version of the competition. The goal is to make it as far as you can.

Midlothian Version

1. warm up

2. 10:00 sets of 5-8 on deadlift

3. Do 100 invisible Jump ropes then do 3 rounds

– 10 toes to bar (30 toe touches)

–  7 handstand push ups (20 pike push ups)

– 20 goblet squats 45/25 (30 cradle squats with Dumbbells)

and do one burn out set of 25 pull-ups (40 inverted rows)

4. take short rest

5. do these sets back to back

– 25 push press 65/45 (75 shoulder press with dumbbells

– 25 step up burpees on box

– 25 bentover rows (95/65) (75 bent over rows with dumbbells)

– 25 pull ups (40 inverted rows)

6. short rest

7. If you make it this far finish off with

5 rounds

– 15 dumbbell ground to overhead

– 30 KB swings



Mansfield and Fort Worth Version

1. warm up

2. 10:00 100 m Sprint EMOM

3. Do 100 invisible Jump ropes then do 3 rounds

– 30 toe touches

–  7 20 pike push ups

– 30 cradle squats with Dumbbells

and do one burn out set of 40 inverted rows or 100 supermans

4. take short rest

5. do these sets back to back

– 75 shoulder press with dumbbells

– 25 step up burpees on box (35 on curb)

– 75 bent over rows with dumbbells

– 40 inverted rows

6. short rest

7. If you make it this far finish off with

5 rounds

– 15 dumbbell ground to overhead

– 30 KB swings

Exercise = Weight Loss

Exercise = Weight loss

Even though research shows dieting is more effective at weight loss than exercise, exercise is still an important part of the equation. Eating right is only half of the battle.

Numerous experts and countless personal testimonies agree that exercise helps you lose weight and keep the weight off for good. To put it simply, working out works. Exercise not only burns extra calories and tones muscle, but it also provides countless other health benefits. To maintain lasting weight loss it’s a lot easier to make exercise a part of your life than to continue a strict diet indefinitely.

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iChoosefit Day 3 -Basic Deadlifts

Today’s workout will solidify the deadlift. It is a big time lift where you work your glutes, hamstring, and back.

8:00 dynamic warm up

8:00 Deadlift progression

Three stations 8:00 each

#1 – 8-10 Deadlifts (moderate weight)

30 jumping jacks

#2 – 8-10 weighted glute raises (65/45

20 high jumpers

#3 – 8-10 hanging leg lifts

10 burpees

then do 8:00 cardio, run at your own pace, or do the rowing machine

cool down

1. downward dog

2. upward dog

3. triangle

4. thread the needle

Jumbo Set

warm up 10:00
Ladder (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
– push ups, curls, shoulder press
– superman: close, moderate, wide arm

400 m run then find a buddy and do exercises together
40 med ball burpees
40 squats (1 burpee each time you stop)
80 m sand bag carry + 20 dead lifts *2
40 iceskaters
40 pull ups – with spotter
40 push ups
20 ab rolls
160 m resisted band run
40 db twist
160 m run

“Peaks and valleys happen in life. If you are not pushing hard enough you will get stuck in the valley. If you are pushing when you are at your peak, you will have the momentum to get out of the valley faster.”

Midlothian Boot Camp Full Body Blast

Basic Warm up

3 Rounds
10 Leg Lifts
4 wall walks (4 elevated inch worms)
10 Goblet (45/25)

1 Round
50 fire hydrants
50 ice skaters
50 tricycles
50 sea turtles

3 rounds
12 buddy inverted rows
24 buddy sit ups
12 buddy push ups
24 quad killers

1 round
20 box jump burpees
10 strict press
20 split jumps
10 pull ups

maintenance work
3*15 tricep push downs
3*15 GHD back extensions

Saturday Mansfield Boot Camp

1000 m run

30 (4 w/sprawl)

30 overhead lunges

30 ab rollers

Ladder 3,6,9,12,15,18,21

– sit ups

– 10 yard shuttle

– jumping squats

500 m run

50 knee strikes each leg

150 m med ball toss from back


– under hand pull ups

– thrusters