Strength Vs Conditioning

This workout has 10 stations and you will switch between strength and conditioning stations. Each station will take 2:00 to 6:00 minutes to complete.

#1 – 1000 m Row: guys 4:30 girls 5:30

#2 – 3 sets of 15 lat pull down (each round until failure)

#3 – 10 sets of 40 yard sprints + 10 sets of 40 yard jog

#4 – Bench Press 105 reps: no more than 25 reps at a time

#5 – 800 m run

#6 – 3 sets of 15 toe to bar then do 30 butter fly crunches

#7 – 20 step over burpees: guys 25 lbs girls 15 lbs

#8 – 100 reps cable curls

#9 – 20 tuck jumps with backwards fall, transition into next jump, hands not touching the ground

#10 – 40 reps Hand stand entries

“It takes lots of energy to wake up in the morning and pursue your goals, but it takes even more energy to press the snooze button and not wake up. It takes energy to press the snooze button knowing damn well you have a dream to chase, it takes more creative energy constantly justifying your lack of results, it takes more energy to carry the extra 20 lbs, extra debt, unorganized house etc… I hope this motivates you because I am out of energy ;)”

Max Reps and Rounds

***Come in pairs to receive your measurements – weight, measurements, and body fat.***


Max Reps and Rounds

10 Pull-ups

20 Push-ups

30 Box Jumps

400m Run

50 Squats (three burpees each time you stop)

60 Sea Turtles

70 Tricep Push-downs

800m Run

“First week of school – Do not make the excuse that you have to take the kids to school. Something is always happening. Someone is having a birthday, getting married, getting divorced, getting promoted, or laid off. You have to be consistent.”

critical condition

10 sets of 10 push ups

1 mile run

.5 mile back pedal

6:00 time cap, 100 thrusters with a 4 burpee Amrap

6:00 Abs

3 * 300 yard shuttle 1:00 rest in between

1 brutality round of boxing 3:00

Soul Splitter

Two part workout. A split between metabolic conditioning and Combat Conditioning


Part 1: 20 minute Max Rounds

25 Goblet Squats 25 lbs

(3 burpees each time you take a break)

12 Pull ups

25 Split jumps

(6 push ups each time you take a break)

12 T Bar Push ups

25 Total reps: 5 Front Load lunges + 5 front squats

Part 2: Boxing (4:00 rounds)

Round 1: 20 sets 3 w/shuffle step + 10 sets 4 w/sprawl

Round 2: buddy calla round

Word of the week

“I don’t have a plan B all I have is my A game!!”

Sky Dive Boxing (Mansfield Bootcamp)

Boxing Warm up: 30 sets of an eight strike combo

Ab Attack for six minutes

Mini Workout (5:00 max rounds)

8 sky dive push ups

16 sea turtles

24 downhill racers

One 4:00 round of boxing: my calls pad strikes

Mini Workout

100 m run with dumbbells

15 lateral raises

100 m run without dumbbells

15 close arm push ups

one 4:00 round boxing: your choice pad strikes

one 30 second Brutality Round of Boxing: one on one with me

“I don’t have a plan B all I have is my A game” ET

Bootcamp Boxing Routine

4 rounds

– 4:00 Bas R. routine

– 4:00 100 m EMOM

“go about your business in a more warrior like fashion. Less complaining, more training”

Happy New Year!

iChoosefit is officially the first workout program to kick off the New Year with a 5 am workout. And we already have a new legend born! On this cold morning of 1-1-14 we set off indoors to do our first workout of the year. Sarah G., one of our boot campers, was having car troubles. She wanted to workout so bad that she ran 1.5 miles from her home to boot camp and did the workout. This says something. This year will be filled with people striving to get better and striving to make excuses. She wanted the workout no matter what. And if she keeps that mindset, then the sky is the limit. There are other people, who did not even bother to get out of bed because they did not want to leave their warm blankets. It is not our situation, but it is our mindset that sets us apart.

Eight Minute Mayhem

Eight Minute Mayhem

8:00 Boxing Warm up
– 40 sets of Combo #4
– 40 sets of Combo #6
– 80 knees

Warm up
– 5 Deadlifts of 45 lbs
– 100 m run
– 5 Bananas

8:00 EMOM (3 stations)
– 9 Dead Lifts (185/115)
– 120 m shuttle sprint
– 12 bananas

Fried in 15 minutes

Fried in 15 minutes

– 3 rounds of 25 lunge with a twist + a 100 m run
– dynamic warm up

5 exercises max reps for 1:00 minute
– Burpees
– squat hops
– HR push ups
– mountain climbers
– killer abs

For time with a 5:00 time cap
– Buy in 200 m run
– 10 Burpees, 10 squat hops, 10 HR push ups, 10 mountain climbers, 10 killer abs

5 exercises max reps for 1:00 (try to beat or match your first set)
– Burpees
– squat hops
– HR Push ups
– mountain climbers
– killer abs


A mixture of core movement and boxing drills

Warm up
 :30s Leg lifts
 :30 AB Roll
1:00 full plank
 :30 leg lift with hip raise
1:00 full spiderman plank
400m Run

80m sprint
80m jog
15 side sit ups each side 
(high knees until a group of four is ready then repeat)

1:00 half plank
1:00 killer abs
 :30 half plank
 :30 killer abs
400m run

2 rounds
 :30 hold seated position legs and arms off the ground
 :30 AB twist

4:00 max rounds
10 side planks
10 side planks
10 front planks

3 sets of
 :30 four w/back shuffle + forward shuffle
 :15 right knees
 :15 left knees
 : 30s AB
800m Run