Strength Vs Conditioning

This workout has 10 stations and you will switch between strength and conditioning stations. Each station will take 2:00 to 6:00 minutes to complete.

#1 – 1000 m Row: guys 4:30 girls 5:30

#2 – 3 sets of 15 lat pull down (each round until failure)

#3 – 10 sets of 40 yard sprints + 10 sets of 40 yard jog

#4 – Bench Press 105 reps: no more than 25 reps at a time

#5 – 800 m run

#6 – 3 sets of 15 toe to bar then do 30 butter fly crunches

#7 – 20 step over burpees: guys 25 lbs girls 15 lbs

#8 – 100 reps cable curls

#9 – 20 tuck jumps with backwards fall, transition into next jump, hands not touching the ground

#10 – 40 reps Hand stand entries

“It takes lots of energy to wake up in the morning and pursue your goals, but it takes even more energy to press the snooze button and not wake up. It takes energy to press the snooze button knowing damn well you have a dream to chase, it takes more creative energy constantly justifying your lack of results, it takes more energy to carry the extra 20 lbs, extra debt, unorganized house etc… I hope this motivates you because I am out of energy ;)”

Max Reps and Rounds

***Come in pairs to receive your measurements – weight, measurements, and body fat.***


Max Reps and Rounds

10 Pull-ups

20 Push-ups

30 Box Jumps

400m Run

50 Squats (three burpees each time you stop)

60 Sea Turtles

70 Tricep Push-downs

800m Run

“First week of school – Do not make the excuse that you have to take the kids to school. Something is always happening. Someone is having a birthday, getting married, getting divorced, getting promoted, or laid off. You have to be consistent.”

45 Red Oak

45 rows

45 pushups

45 dumbbell lunges

45 sea turtles

45 leg lifts

45 burpee

45 pistol squats

45 round the clock lunge

45 hammer jack

45 tricycle

Magic 45- Mansfield West

Dynamic Warmup

Sprint 30 yards- x3

20- Good mornings

1st set- NO REST! (10, 15 & 20 each =45)


Mountain Climbers

Jumping Jacks

2nd set x 3 (45 sec on, 15 sec off)

Walking lunge w/body bar press

Squat w/holding bar out in front

Bar twist, arms straight out

3rd set x3 (20 sec on, 10 off)

Overhead Tricep ext



Jackknife sit up

Renegade Rows

High Knees

4th set x 2

1 min jog

30 sec sprint

2 min jog

30 sec sprint

1 min jog

30 sec sprint

5th set x1 (do not let core touch the ground)

1 min full plank

30 sec elbow plank

30 sec side plank (right)

30 sec raised leg plank (left leg)

30 sec side plank (left)

30 sec raised leg plank (right leg)

30 sec full plank

1 min elbow plank






Shoulder & Core Workout- Mansfield West

Warmup X 2

10 second high knees

20 sec skiers

20 sec mtn climbers

20 sec pushups w/shoulder tap

Indian Run- 800m

1st set x 2 rounds

20- sit ups

20- ab twists

20- scissors

20- leg raises up- down to 6″

20- flutter kicks

1 min plank

800m run

2nd set x 2 rounds

30- weighted squats

30- overhead presses

30- lateral raises

30- squat w/curl (stay in squat position)

200m run

3rd set x 3 rounds

25- pull ups

30- tricycles

300 yard shuffle

Hero Lap




iFit Not Sit Workout

Today we did 8 stations, each stations for max reps with two exercises in between.

#1 Agility Ladder

- run through the agility ladder: laterally each side, high knee, and diagonal then do 50 split jumps

#2 Ab City

- do 20 tricycles then 20 squats with a standing bicycle

#3 Boxes

- 15 box jumps + 7 burpees

#4 pull bar

- 8 to 15 pull ups depending on ability level + 20 good mornings

#5 parachutes

- 100 meters on the parachutes + 100 meter trail

#6 sand bags

- 15 split squats each leg + 30 jumping jacks

#7 cardio

- 5:00 jog at your pace

#8 medicine balls

- 20 wall balls

- buddy will do the wall sit until their buddy is finished

*** bring it in, get pumped up! check out the new fit or fat food log at under products and resources tab***

On the 8′s

Dynamic Warmup x2

25- Mountain Climbers

25- Jumping Jacks

30- Side Skaters

15- Burpees

20- Lunge w/twist

1 Lap around school

Set1- 8 minute set

20- T bar pushup w/weight

20- HR Pushup

10- Push up w/right & left hand row, push up then stand up

10- Asymmetrical Push Ups (left, middle right)

Sprint to end of parking lot and back

Set 2- 8 minute set

25- Bicep Curls

25- Lateral Raises

25- Arnold Press

25- Hammer curls

Sprint to end of parking lot and back

Set 3- 8 minute set

25- Overhead tricep ext w/partner resistance

25- Dips on boxes

25- Single arm tricep extension over shoulder

25- Tricep kick back

Sprint to end of parking lot and back

Set 4-  (6 Parking lot lines)

1- Up/Downs

2- Squat Jumps

3- Star Jumps

4- Hammer Jack Squats

5- Froggers

6- Jumping Jacks

Set 5

1- minute Bananas

1- minute Ab Twist

1- minute Butterfly Crunch



Bootcamp Boxing Routine

4 rounds

- 4:00 Bas R. routine

- 4:00 100 m EMOM

“go about your business in a more warrior like fashion. Less complaining, more training”

Start Your New Year With a New Look

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Happy New Year!

iChoosefit is officially the first workout program to kick off the New Year with a 5 am workout. And we already have a new legend born! On this cold morning of 1-1-14 we set off indoors to do our first workout of the year. Sarah G., one of our boot campers, was having car troubles. She wanted to workout so bad that she ran 1.5 miles from her home to boot camp and did the workout. This says something. This year will be filled with people striving to get better and striving to make excuses. She wanted the workout no matter what. And if she keeps that mindset, then the sky is the limit. There are other people, who did not even bother to get out of bed because they did not want to leave their warm blankets. It is not our situation, but it is our mindset that sets us apart.