Five steps to a more organized life

Five steps to a more organized life.

Ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? The house is a mess, you’re late to every appointment, and you forget important dates. You envy people who seem to have it all together. How do they do it? Well, their organized lives didn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect yours to either.

Becoming organized is a process that must be cultivated over time. Intimidating as this may sound, the good news is that it’s never too late to start. The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to develop habits that lead to a more organized life at home, work, and on the go.

Adopt a few of these resolutions and see how your life changes for the better (and more organized).

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Signs you are eating too much sugar

Sugar Overload

Signs you’re eating too much of the sweet stuff.

First there’s Halloween and then the holidays, not to mention birthday parties, treats at grandma’s house, and the food in your cupboards. You know sugar is found in cookies, candies, and sodas, but it is also hiding in your breakfast cereal, yogurt, bread, juice, and condiments. Sugar is practically everywhere, making it hard to escape. With zero nutritional value and loaded with calories, there’s no reason to eat it except for the fact that it tastes good.

The World Health Organization recommends healthy adults eat no more than 25 grams of sugar a day, equal to about six teaspoons. Since one can of Coke contains 39 grams of sugar, it’s easy to see why so many consume way too much. In fact, the average person eats 22 teaspoons of sugar each day, almost quadruple the recommended amount.

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7 Resolutions that you can keep

7 Resolutions You Can Keep
Are you feeling reluctant to create New Year’s Resolutions? After years of failed resolutions past, I don’t blame you. However, if you pick the right resolutions, you’ll face the New Year head on, ready to make good on your big plans from January 1 all the way to December 31.

What kind of resolutions will you actually keep this year? Good question. Here are seven resolutions that you can keep and that will help you achieve big strides towards your fitness goals in 2016:

Resolution #1: Get Fishy

Giving your health a boost doesn’t have to take an incredible amount of time. With this resolution, it doesn’t even take will power. All it takes is modifying your grocery list by buying fish on occasion. Enjoy fish for dinner once a week, and you’ll protect your heart from disease and increase your chances for a longer life. Go with salmon, trout, flounder, or tuna.

Butt Lift

Five stations focusing on strength and mobility. 3 minutes split one set max round each time you stop to rest do in ascending ladder of burpees

1. Platform: 12 Roman split lunge/ max Spiderman plank

2. Platform 2: hanging knee raise hold /skaters

3. Turf: lateral pushups / Groucho’s

4. Turf 2: rotating set of 20 GHD situps, 20 jump squats, 20 lateral leg raises

5. Wall: wall players tonight, 10 up down/ step ups

Stop dreading your workouts and start enjoying them.

What words run through your mind when you think of exercise? If words like hate, dread, pain, or boredom come to mind, it’s time to redefine or reinvent your idea of exercise.

You know exercise is needed for health and weight control, but the chances you’ll stick with an exercise routine you dread are slim to none. This likely comes as no surprise to you. On and off throughout your life you’ve tried to exercise—you’ve bought the shoes, paid for the gym membership, and stayed committed for a few days, weeks, or months until you finally quit. Chances are, the thing missing from your exercise routine was one little word: fun.

Redefine your idea of exercise by implementing one or more of the following into your workout program and then see how long your commitment lasts.

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800 m run
16 Burpees
800 m run

3 rounds
10 strict press (115/75)
10 push press
7 v up with roll up

4 rounds
10 box jump overs
20 yard monkey hop
20 yard broad jumps

db bench
side situp

Bon Voyage!

10 steps to prep your home for vacation.

Preparing to leave for vacation can be a lot of work. There’s all the planning, packing, and preparations. And then all of a sudden you realize you’ve not prepared one of your most valuable investments: your home. What if a pipe bursts while you’re gone? Imagine the potential damage when you return a week later. Will your home appear empty and be an easy target for burglars? Returning home to a burglary would ruin the whole vacation. Thankfully, you don’t have to learn these lessons the hard way.

Before heading out of town, whether for two days or two weeks, here are 10 steps you should take to help ensure your home is safe and sound, so you can rest easy on your vacation.

Step 1: Shut Off Water Supply


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Make it a Staycation

Not up for traveling to distant lands for vacation? Why not make it a staycation?

With unemployment rates high, the fear of job loss in the back of minds, and the high cost of gas, the prospect of a pricey vacation isn’t an option for many people this summer. But everyone needs a vacation, a time to disconnect from the daily routine and reconnect with the people who matter most.

How can you make fun memories and spend quality time with your loved ones without heading to an exotic destination? An increasingly popular idea is a staycation, or staying close to home for vacation. If you look hard enough, fun activities can be found in your own backyard.

Here are some tips to make your staycation a fun experience for all.


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Take Two!

Watch out for these common diet mistakes. Guilty of a few? Try again…the right way.

Everybody makes mistakes, so it’s no surprise that people trying to lose weight will make mistakes along the way. Once you realize the error of your ways, there’s no need to feel like a failure or give up. Instead, learn from your mistakes so you won’t repeat them in the future. You’ll come out stronger on the other side and have a greater chance of meeting your goals.

Diet mistakes can be broken down into three categories: eating healthy foods the unhealthy way, maintaining habits that slow your metabolism, and plain ol’ laziness.

Healthy Foods the Unhealthy Way

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Just Say No!

You may think you can just eat one bite, but once you start you can’t stop.

The advertising slogan for a popular potato chip, “Bet you can’t eat just one” rings true for many. Eat one chip and before you know it, half the bag is gone—even though you weren’t that hungry in the first place.

There’s a phrase to describe this phenomena of overeating just because it tastes good, not because you’re hungry. It’s called hedonic hyperphagia, and it’s the downfall of many a well-intentioned diet. After just one bite, all your good intentions are thrown out the door and you indulge yourself beyond the point of no return.

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