We are iced in? no worries, here is a workout

Just because there will be no workouts on an iChoosefit site this morning, thats no excuse not to get a workout in. In fact, you have even extra time to workout.
no trip to workout: saves 10-30 minutes
no kids to school: saves 30 – 90 minutes
Here is something you can do today:
Warm up: 50 reps of highknees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, bicycles, lunges.
Stretch: toe touch, straddle (middle, each side), spiderman lunge,
Workout: how many rounds can you do in 20 minutes? Lets get busy!
30 burpees
30 split jumps (or lunges)
30 push ups
30 tricycles
30 supermans
30 side planks
30 sea turtles

10:00 stations!!! Mansfield Boot Camp

Today we did 10:00 on each station for max round. It is California weather in the middle of the winter, so we had to take advantage and get some cardio in!

10:00 stations

#1 – 30 Box jumps, 30 sit ups, 400 m run

#2 – 30 pull ups, 30 push ups with a v jump, 400 m run

#3 – 30 Gorilla shuffles, 30 star jumps, 400 m run

#4 – 30 stationary squat with bicep curl, 30 db leap frogs, 400 m run


100s Workout

We have a total of 12 exercises: your goal is to try and get as many reps as you can.

Do :30 of each exercise for the warm up

you have a choice to do 100 straight, 2 sets of 50, or 4 sets of 25

the workouts are in bundles of 3

100 non-floppy burpees

100 squat thrust

100 sea turtles


100 jump squats

100 power jacks

100 tricycles


100 push ups

100 v-jumps

100 skull crushers


100 squat with a bicep curl

100 spiderman plank

100 overhead lunges

Post Turkey Words of Encouragement

First off, I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Life is a blessing and we have to celebrate and appreciate that. Now it is time to get back on the Wagon as quick as possible. I challenged all of my clients to find their ‘Vice’ Some food that they just can’t get enough of and cut it out for 7 days. I will even put mine out there…Twizzlers… I do not have to ability to set a bag of Twizzlers in front of me and just eat one. That is an example of mine what is yours? We had a Client the other day who said hers is choclate chips. She cut them out for two days and already notices a difference. What is yours? 7 days seems like a short time and your vice may not seem like a big deal. Even if you just have a little bit of this, and you eat healthy and you work out, it slows you down more than you know. I gave an analogy the other day that hopefully brings this to light.

Imagine a traffic jam. And you are sitting there wondering “what in the world happened?” was it an accident? a huge crash? You get up to the choke point and you find out that there was a baby sitting in the road so it stopped traffic. Now imagine that there is a huge 18 wheeler in the road….

Temporarily, these two subjects have the same affect (even though one is bigger and the other smaller). Think about how profound that is? So if you are just having an extra glass of wine per night, or you are eating chips all the time, but you are working hard for results, you are slowing your progress more than you know. So cut it out for 7 days and see what happens.

Committed to your fitness,

AJ Tucker


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Turkey Day Count Down

warm up: jumping jacks, squats, lunges, and push ups

3 rounds

30 push ups

40 sit ups

50 squats

1:00 rest between each round

8:00 ladder

laps on stairs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

split jumps (10, 20, 30, 40, 50)

2 rounds

3:00 minute round boot camp boxing

1:00 jackknife sit up to ab pulse

2 rounds

4:00 minute freestyle round of boxing

1:00 side sit up


5 stations 3 rounds

5 Stations 3 Rounds 1:00 each (15:00 of total work)

Station #1 – 30 yard sled push + 30 yard broad jump

Station #2 – Tire Flip

Station #3 – Barbell Squat (95/65)

Station #4 – Push ups

Station #5 – Swiss Ball Pike

30 second rest in between each rotation (30:00 total)

1 mile + 1000 reps

160 m run between each set of 100

100 push ups

100 squats

100 bicycles

100 power jacks

100 db split jumps

100 sky crunches

100 bicep curl with a squat

100 renegade rows

100 tricycles

100 bicep curl with an Arnold Press

Self Defense Seminar Coming up November 30th at Alvarez Jui Jitsu!

Exercise Inventory

400 m run

15 burpees

21 precision jumps

30 DB Thrusters

400 m run

15 butter fly situps

21 hr push ups

30 shoulder to overhead (65/45)

400 m run

15 suicide push ups

21 bicep curls

30 pull ups

400 m run

15 diamond push ups

21 mountain climbers (double count)

30 curtsy squats with sandbag

400 m run

15 wide leg push ups (each side)

21 crossovers

30 arnold press

Avoid the 8-12 lbs weight gain! Holiday Season is upon us!!

Okay, it is almost here again. Holiday season is fast approaching; the cold weather, the good food, and the parties! Oh the parties! Holiday season begins at the end of October. This is wher the average women gains 8-12 lbs from Now until February.

People ask me all the time “AJ you must get busy in January right?” I tell them no, I get busy in October, because I am into prevention. Think of it this way; if you lose just 5 lbs, or  just break even you have made some serious progress. Once the new year starts, instead of panicking you should already be in tip top form. I see the same vicous cycle every year.

We stop working out, we get busier, and go to more parties; it could be corporate, family, or recreational. I am not saying it is bad to spend time with friends and family, but it is important to continue to exercise and eat best you can in these times. Here are five tips to help you through the holiday season

#1 – re focus yourself and establish concrete goals. Steel yourself and really focus on having a breakthrough winter.

#2 – be careful with you alcohol consumption. Make sure when you go out you drink an extra 32 ounces of water at a minimum to minimize the damage. I made it simple for myself, four weeks ago I started going totally dry.

#3 – Reach out to others and help them get fit. If you are holding someone else accountable, you will hold yourself accountable.

#4 – follow the tips and recipes on www.ichoosefit.org for healthy holiday options

#5 – contact me for a workout program, or just a motivational pep talk. Its free!

Committed to your results,

AJ Tucker

Strength Vs Conditioning

This workout has 10 stations and you will switch between strength and conditioning stations. Each station will take 2:00 to 6:00 minutes to complete.

#1 – 1000 m Row: guys 4:30 girls 5:30

#2 – 3 sets of 15 lat pull down (each round until failure)

#3 – 10 sets of 40 yard sprints + 10 sets of 40 yard jog

#4 – Bench Press 105 reps: no more than 25 reps at a time

#5 – 800 m run

#6 – 3 sets of 15 toe to bar then do 30 butter fly crunches

#7 – 20 step over burpees: guys 25 lbs girls 15 lbs

#8 – 100 reps cable curls

#9 – 20 tuck jumps with backwards fall, transition into next jump, hands not touching the ground

#10 – 40 reps Hand stand entries

“It takes lots of energy to wake up in the morning and pursue your goals, but it takes even more energy to press the snooze button and not wake up. It takes energy to press the snooze button knowing damn well you have a dream to chase, it takes more creative energy constantly justifying your lack of results, it takes more energy to carry the extra 20 lbs, extra debt, unorganized house etc… I hope this motivates you because I am out of energy ;)”