Start Your New Year With a New Look

For three months I screamed to anyone who would listen “you can gain 8-12 lbs of the holiday season if you are not careful” But either you did anyway, or you were not in hearing distance of my shouts and screams. Check out my friend Bethany Siggins on WFAA TV with these great shopping tips that will not break the bank. Whether you are looking for a New Look for 2014, or you are trying to find ways to dress until I can get you back in shape these are some great tips. She is a professional image consultant and she has given me great recommendations and guidance over the years for my business. She is awesome! check her out!

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Happy New Year!

iChoosefit is officially the first workout program to kick off the New Year with a 5 am workout. And we already have a new legend born! On this cold morning of 1-1-14 we set off indoors to do our first workout of the year. Sarah G., one of our boot campers, was having car troubles. She wanted to workout so bad that she ran 1.5 miles from her home to boot camp and did the workout. This says something. This year will be filled with people striving to get better and striving to make excuses. She wanted the workout no matter what. And if she keeps that mindset, then the sky is the limit. There are other people, who did not even bother to get out of bed because they did not want to leave their warm blankets. It is not our situation, but it is our mindset that sets us apart.

Eight Minute Mayhem

Eight Minute Mayhem

8:00 Boxing Warm up
- 40 sets of Combo #4
- 40 sets of Combo #6
- 80 knees

Warm up
- 5 Deadlifts of 45 lbs
- 100 m run
- 5 Bananas

8:00 EMOM (3 stations)
- 9 Dead Lifts (185/115)
- 120 m shuttle sprint
- 12 bananas

Fried in 15 minutes

Fried in 15 minutes

- 3 rounds of 25 lunge with a twist + a 100 m run
- dynamic warm up

5 exercises max reps for 1:00 minute
- Burpees
- squat hops
- HR push ups
- mountain climbers
- killer abs

For time with a 5:00 time cap
- Buy in 200 m run
- 10 Burpees, 10 squat hops, 10 HR push ups, 10 mountain climbers, 10 killer abs

5 exercises max reps for 1:00 (try to beat or match your first set)
- Burpees
- squat hops
- HR Push ups
- mountain climbers
- killer abs

13 May 13 Midlothian


Establish 1RPM

- 800m run
- 50 Yard overhead lunge
- 30 weighted push ups
- 15 Burpees
- 3*10 skull crushers
- 800m run
- 40 box jumps
- 3*10 bent over row w/barbells
- 3*10 bent over row w/dumbbells
- 20 pull ups
- 3*15 tricep push downs
- 3*15 bicep curls

Workout Parties this week(Plano, Midlothian, and Sunnyvale)

Join us for a free workout in Plano, Midlothian, and Sunnyvale. Please RSVP here

Sweat Breaker Mansfield

10 min Round (complete as many rounds as possible)

5 man makers

50 yrd sprint down, 10 tuck jumps, 50 yrd sprint back


3 rounds

10 KBS

20 bicycles

10 burpees

300 m run


Tabata interval

push-ups/ squat hops

Athletic Performance


Warm up

5 pull ups
10 squats
20 bicycles

800 m run
25 weighted push ups (45/25)
25 killer abs

2 sets 120 m shuttle sprints
12 rear elevated foot squats
12 side bends (45/25)

800 m run
25 underhand BB row (95/25)
25 7-ups

2 sets 120 m sprints
12 clean and jerks
12 leg lifts

Good Friday Workout

1Mile run

50 Pull-ups

40 BB lunges (115/75lb)

30 Uni-cycles

20 Squat machine (2sets)

10 Tricep extension (4sets)

10 BB bentover row (3sets) (115/75lb)

20 Squat machine (2 sets)

30 Leg lifts

40 Db cross over lunge

10 Shuttles

1000M Row

Monday Intervals

Strength training 10 min max rounds

5 ManMakers / 10 side lung to curl / 10  V Sit-ups

Cardio Ten 1 min intervals

25 yrd down&back sprint / 10 step-ups (each leg)

(The amount of time left in the 1min is used to rest for until the minute is up, then immediately start next round.)

 Tabata Finishers

Reverse push-up walks


Squat Hops