Let’s Simplify Your Fat Loss

Let’s simplify your fat loss

The main reason that you’re not happy with your weight is because of what you eat.

It’s hardly your fault.

Have you ever stopped to notice how many times you’re bombarded by food marketing each day?

Ads come at you from magazine pages, T.V. commercials, on websites and billboards, each boasting of cheap, convenient and tasty ways to cure your hunger.

The question “What’s for dinner?” has never been more complex than now.

Extensive menu options and large entrees have distorted your concept of a proper meal, and before you know it you’ve fallen into the trap of the chain restaurant, the drive thru, and the take-out line.

But wait – truly healthy eating is simple.

First you need to block out the blizzard of food marketing around you.

Remember that advertisers want your money, and they don’t stop to consider if the food they promote will expand your waist – that’s your job.

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Avoid the 8-12 lbs weight gain! Holiday Season is upon us!!

Okay, it is almost here again. Holiday season is fast approaching; the cold weather, the good food, and the parties! Oh the parties! Holiday season begins at the end of October. This is wher the average women gains 8-12 lbs from Now until February.

People ask me all the time “AJ you must get busy in January right?” I tell them no, I get busy in October, because I am into prevention. Think of it this way; if you lose just 5 lbs, or  just break even you have made some serious progress. Once the new year starts, instead of panicking you should already be in tip top form. I see the same vicous cycle every year.

We stop working out, we get busier, and go to more parties; it could be corporate, family, or recreational. I am not saying it is bad to spend time with friends and family, but it is important to continue to exercise and eat best you can in these times. Here are five tips to help you through the holiday season

#1 – re focus yourself and establish concrete goals. Steel yourself and really focus on having a breakthrough winter.

#2 – be careful with you alcohol consumption. Make sure when you go out you drink an extra 32 ounces of water at a minimum to minimize the damage. I made it simple for myself, four weeks ago I started going totally dry.

#3 – Reach out to others and help them get fit. If you are holding someone else accountable, you will hold yourself accountable.

#4 – follow the tips and recipes on www.ichoosefit.org for healthy holiday options

#5 – contact me for a workout program, or just a motivational pep talk. Its free!

Committed to your results,

AJ Tucker

Run it Off Red Oak

Mile Run

50 squat:25 pulse


50 lunge (each): 50 pulse each


25 pistol squat each: 25 squat pulse


30 burpee

30 tricep dip

30 HR push ups


mt. climber burnout

Do it All Red Oak

Warm Up (minute each)

high knees

jumping jacks


jump rope



3x: 20 squat: 20 pistol squat:10 burpees

3x: 20 mt. climber: 20 triceps push up: 10 bridges

3x: 20 raise leg lung: 20 side squat: 10 calf raises

Minute Each:

mason twist


bicycle abs



Full Body Max Red Oak

Warm Up

minute each: jog, jump rope, star jump, squat jacks

**1, Cardio, 2, Cardio, 1, Cardio, 2, Cardio


Circuit 1 (minute)

weighted squat

sumo squat

lunge (R)

lunge (L)

Circuit 2 (minute)

Push ups



plank (R)

plank (L)

Cardio Circuit (minute)

squat jack

star jump

jumping jacks

jump rope


Minute Max

1 minute each for 3x max reps


bodyweight squat

shoulder press

bicep curls

standing skull crusher

dumbbell flys

jump squat


leg lifts

push ups

upright rows

pile squats


45 Red Oak

45 rows

45 pushups

45 dumbbell lunges

45 sea turtles

45 leg lifts

45 burpee

45 pistol squats

45 round the clock lunge

45 hammer jack

45 tricycle

Dumbell Arms Red Oak Bootcamp

15 chest press

15 curl

12 front raise

12 side raise

*4 rounds

3 laps 20 jumping jacks

12 one arm shoulder raise

15 reverse fly

15 kickback

*4 rounds

3 laps 20 jumping jacks

12 push up

12 row

15 hammer curl

*4 rounds

3 laps 20 jumping jacks

Combos Red Oak Bootcamp

Midlo Warmup + 75 jumping jacks+ 75 squats


30 single leg hammer curls

30 dumbell thrusters

30 single arm reverse lunge (ea.)

30 overhead plate lunge

2 laps

30 T pushups

30 spidermans

25 lunge pulse (ea.)

50 ab twist

2 laps

30 squat with bicep curl

30 lunge with triceps kickback

2 laps

3 x 15 jack knife (lap in b/w)



Tragedy vs Triumph: The 17 Laws of Lean (Intro)

Hey gang,

This week I am starting a 17 week segment called the 17 Laws of Lean. Each week will have a story based on a true character, who fell into a bad habit, and a character who fought their way out of the habit to achieve their goals. It is a blend of entertainment and basic knowledge to push you forward. The book is set up like a war manual, because Fighting for your Fitness is a war, and it is serious. It could be one of the biggest challenges of your life. Today is the intro, and the next 17 weeks we will post one law per week

Let us be frank, you are in a war. You are in a war against the fat that mightily clings to your body. Whether it is that last layer of softness keeping you from seeing your six pack or the need to do a complete overhaul it is war. Let me ask you something, if an intruder were to break into your home in the middle of the night intent on causing you and your family harm what would you do? Would you grab the best weapon you could find to eliminate the threat? Or would you be unprepared and not know what to do? Would you survive the night? There is no way you would willingly let an intruder come into your home for an extended period of time. Something would have to give. Either you would call the police and hope they arrive in time, or you would take matters into your own hands.

Your body is your temple. Refuse to let intruders hang out in your house! The intruder is Body Fat. You sit down and watch TV with him, you drink beer with him making him grow bigger and stronger until he finally decides to ruin your life. The 17 Laws of Lean is your weapon against Body fat. Body fat invades in many different forms. Lets go over some of his different aliases: Love handles, Thunder Thighs, Junk in da Trunk, Ka Dunka Dunk, Chicken wing, Hail Damage, Cottage Cheese, Spare Tire, Beer Belly, Keg, Six Pack (the other six pack) and much more. This deformity starts small and it grows for the rest of your life if you let him. You must do battle with him and win. Take a moment right now and declare war. Whether you are just starting out for the first time ever, or you have been battling for years. Identify the enemy and attack.

The 17 Laws of Lean will equip you with 17 laws guaranteeing success. It covers all aspects of getting the job done. It is broken into three segments: The Mindset, Nutrition, and Exercise. Make sure you start at the beginning. You must have the right mindset if you are to go on a successful eating regimen. Many times people dive straight into the regimen without knowing the mental pitfalls that occurs. Each transgression of the mindset laws slows your progress, if you break more than one law then failure is certain. You must have the right mindset to grind through an hour of exercise, even when you do not feel like it. Once you have internalized the proper Mindset, then you will go into the nutrition. Nutrition is the largest section due to its vastness and importance. You can drive a car only if you have the proper fuel.

You can exercise your body only if you have the eating plan.


Having the right mindset is the key ingredient to success. You can have the best exercise program, best trainer, or best gym in the world. But if you lack the proper mindset you are guaranteed to waste your time and the time of others who want you to succeed. Life is too short; time is too precious to waste.